Monday, 11 May 2015

To the unknown soldier  

In writing this week we have been writing to the unknown soldier we had to use short sharp sentences ,aaawwubbis  and opener sentences.

Dear unknown soldier

TOUT_soldier newstop.png
I’m writing to you to ask what it was like during those dreadful times . As I am writing to you,  I am sitting here in my warm cosy classroom thinking of the deafening gun shots, oozing blood and squishy mud. Your family and friends still remember you and cherish those memories with you .  I want you to know that we remember you  and will never forget you .

I can not imagine what it would  be like for you  in cold muddy trenches  surrounded by smelly decomposing bodies  and knee high mud. Was it hard leaving home? I hear that some soldiers found it so hard leaving home that they lied about sickness so they could go home . Did you lie about your age? Some men said they were 18 when  they were really only 15 !

Did you feel proud wearing your uniform? We learnt all about them with your big heavy drink bottles and saggy uniform. Did you cut your uniform like other soldiers did? Did you  get sent to Egypt thinking you were going to France on a big adventure ?

When I close my eyes and think of war,  I see barbed wire  fences, blood stained dirt and helpless dying  men  lying in heaps . Was it really as bad as all
that ?  Did you have children ? Oh the poor mothers and children that got separated and taken on trains to  all sorts  of different places .  

I am only 10 yet I  already know a lot about war. I want to thank you for serving our country.

Yours sincerly

Amelia Ross

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