Friday, 27 March 2015


My river info-graphic  

This is my info-graphic about river study. We used a turbidity tube to see how clear the water was. We also used a net to catch the macro invertebrates in the river and we learnt what a healthy river should have and what it should look like. We learnt that the  perfect temperature for a healthy river should be no higher than 15 degrees. 

The water was cold !


This is my writing

Take a trip inside my mind, to where everything is crazy and every things odd.

At times my mind is empty and I don’t know what to do but when it turns back on and I’m fine with what I do.

I have
two little brothers called Charlie and Patrick but if you get on the wrong side of Patrick you will walk out with scratches and bruises.

I dream of getting a dog and dad wants one to but mum wants a cat so where not sure.I wonder
If in the future  kids will be glued to screens or if they will care .My hope
Is that people have super powers so when we do cross country we can use super speed and come first .

I can often be doing gym in in the aisle of the supermarket.

When no one is watching I sneak into the cupboard  and sneak some chocolate without mum knowing .

I can often

Be doing gym in in the aisle of the supermarket.